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7508 E Parkway Drive, Suite 200, Lone Tree , CO, 80124

Phone: 303-925-1600


To find the perfect recipe for joy, you need the perfect ingredients. That's what our founders Dena Tripp and Debbie Shwetz were for each other.

In 1997, Dena and Debbie founded Nothing Bundt Cakes in their Las Vegas home kitchens, and it has since grown to more than 430 bakery locations in 40+ states and Canada, offering a modern spin on a classic treat.

Our Bundt Cakes are handcrafted in every bakery in a variety of delicious flavors and sizes. To top it all off, our bakeries offer a wide selection of retail items, including party supplies, décor and gifts, making Nothing Bundt Cakes the perfect one-stop celebration shop.


My sister introduced me to this place but she went to a location in Denver. I looked into visiting and found out there was a lone tree location right by my house! I went to the lone tree location and I must say they are so dang good that red velvet is something magical. I can't wait to try the other cake flavors. Customer service is amazing. I definitely recommend the lone tree location. I don't even like sweets and guess what I don't even like red velvet!!!! But they have changed my mind! This place is turning me into a sweets fan but only for them! So dang good! Mmm! Sorry my picture is no good and doesn't show the cake but that's cause I tore that thang up. It's gone and in my tummy 😋.

— Bahja Wells

Soft, moist and absolutely delicious. Ordered a birthday cake online with ease and cake was exactly as described.

— zilla roston

Just got off the phone with Dee, who works at this NBC location. I order from Nothing Bundt Cakes several times a year for work events, and the cake quality is always so good and our teams love them!

Dee was super friendly and accommodating on the phone and got my delivery order in very quickly. She had some of the best customer service I've experienced on the phone from a NBC worker (and I order from this company a lot)! Kudos to Dee, keep up the great work! Highly recommended to order from her location in Lone Tree.

— Audrey B.

I want to address 2 things about his location:the gluten free cake and the customer service. First, I have Celiacs and get severe reactions/pain from gluten. I was SO nervous about having a cake from a bakery that was not 100% GF. I literally took one small bite and waited 30 minutes. Nothing happened. This was probably the BEST GF cake I've had! It was delicious. They only have one flavor, but it was so nice having the same dessert as everyone else at our party. I didn't have the opportunity to ask them about the precautions they take. But, if you have Celiacs, this place is worth a try.I will definitely go there again. Of course, everyone else at our holiday party absolutely loved their regular cakes. Now, about the customer service. I placed an order for delivery. I waited all day, and the delivery never showed up. When I contacted them, they showed the delivery as being made that morning. I WFH and was there all day getting ready for my family to arrive that night. I called and explained what happened. They *immediately* got another order ready for me and brought it out to me curbside. That is outstanding service.

— TA C.

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